Baron starts to recruit the best ones! The New Elite is here!

Every week, Baron will look at the quantity and quality of the Elite and share it with mercenaries. The first review will be brief - the statistics on battles over the past week and renewed Elite recruitment!


  • Ninja (captain Gladiator)- 45 battles;
  • Still Alive (captain SeraX)- 66 battles;
  • Tricolor Hawks (captain Sonic89) - 55 battles;
  • DedhotTeam (captain Dedhot) - 65 battles;
  • Dojo (captain Idoneis) - 46 battles;
  • null (captain heblember) - 85 battles.

Four of the six teams took place in the Baron’s Elite, approached last season. Debutants and former contenders of last Main Event “Grand Prix”, the Dojo team went to the Top 6, as well as on the fourth line newcomers - DedhotTeam. Congratulations! Now, in addition to an existing, there is a new task: to win 2 victory in the SCL battles. Reward: 2 monocrystals and 10,000 random loyalty vouchers (excluding bonuses and Premium license).

New Baron’s Elite replenishment will be held on Monday, October 3. And two best Challengers teams will get a special mission from Baron himself. 

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