Ban apeal - Sogh



I’m posting this topic because of a 13706 days ban on my account “ Sogh [ArkFR] ” yesterday the 31/08/2020 .


The reason was “Usage of Bot”, I confess that I’ve tried a kind of “Aim Bot” for few games. I stopped it really quickly because it’s just killing gaming experience of the other players, and mine by the way… Using this kind of program regularly would have drawn the only active French corporation. Also, I played really often and bought many passes and ships, so I wouldn’t risk to lose everything.
I’ve done it to understand how this kind of software is working, I’m passionate about development, so I wanted to learn about it.
I suspect many players using this type of program, so I just wanted to know how was it possible for it to work…

So to prove I really apologize about it, I propose to give you the source codes I found thanks to a reverse engineering on the .exe, maybe it could help you to secure this part of the game.

I’m also shocked and sad that I got ban for 37years without any prior notice.

**Moreover, assuming that I’m working on the game translation (as Altiis and Sadox do, they are helping me a lot by reporting mistakes in the French game), do you think it would be possible to lower our sentence ? In exchange, we promise to stop all illegal actions and I’ll give you the source codes to help you in the future.

I apologize for this mistake.

a star conflict lover,
Sogh CEO of the ArkangeFR corporation.**

As a leader you should lead by example and condemn the usage of any kind of exploits that may ruin the game experience for others. I hope you wont do such a thing in the future, for now you will get a second chance so make good use of it ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


thank you a lot!
I promise taht I won’t do such things again.
As I said, I can give you source code of that program, do you want it?

Thank you again!!

No need, just don’t use it anymore.