"Balance" in sector conquest

Just in case someone didn’t already know about this. A game 1 vs 4. LOL.

My “team” was me + 4 bots (gaijin bots) and the other team was 4 RL players + 1 bot.


The question is simple: you can’t do better or you do not want to??!!


Pictures attached. 






Happens to me nearly every sec con game. Often times 2 or 3 squads on one side and just me and bots on the other. 

Seccon was always corp vs corp battle. If wings are not available it looks for another best thing - a squad. If squad is not available - then random players. 
There is no balancing - basically what squad corporation will deploy - it will be matched against other corporation squad(s). It doesn’t matter if it’s a single player, wing or squad(s). 
Same story with vs multiple squads - if they are from corporation your corporation is at war with - how else it could be balanced? 

A fresh one, after the latest update! So the devs don’t really care about this HUGE imbalance.



Team A has 4 RL players + 3 bots. Team B: 7 RL players. This should not happen, NO matter what!


It’s very easy to split the bots, if team A has 2, then team B should have 2 also. It’s called “fair-play” (or balance). If team B has 0 bots, then team A should have 0 bots too. And split the RL players accordingly.


In EVERY game, chances are there could be max. 1 (one) RL extra player. It’s basic statistics. If 17 players queue, then the MM splits them 8-8, and the 9th gets put on one team. The other team gets a bot. THAT is balance. Thank you for explaining the squads, but as you can see, the match is heavily favouring the RL team. Basically, matches like 4 vs 1, or 4 vs 7 should not be allowed. There are plenty of ways to fix that, if someone is looking to fix it. That means the other team must/should have 1 bot. But 1 (ooonnneeee), not 3. The only thing that makes sense from these 2 screenshots is that “conspiracy” theories are real. Certain battles can be fixed manually, not in a random mode. That’s what rumours say… It happens way to often not to start considering this.  


As long as in RL boxing “teams” are 1-1 or football teams are 11-11 RL players, this should be the case here too. Other rules should be secondary, like corp/wing/squad… Imagine Barcelona with 11 players against Paris SG having 8 RL + 3 robots with Ai :)) 


And if it’s always corp vs corp, or squad vs squad, then simply ban players queueing single. Unfortunately, there are lots of corps who encourage players to Q alone, which is a form of abusing the MM. This can be banned, the question is why isn’t it ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


This topic is created in “balance” for a reason. I’m sure there are plenty of people working to keep the balance, so this is just feedback that here it needs adjustments… although i’ve stopped for a while from giving feedback for free, I just can’t help it here  ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


Also, if you quit such a match, there should be NO penalty, the ships should not be blocked and you should be compensated for this “accidental” matchmaking. 


And more problems: lots of times, if you snipe, the friendly bots come right in front of you and simply stop you from sniping. You have to change position, 99% of the times the adaptive camo goes to waste. Your team looses efficiency. Maybe you miss 1-2 torpedoes because of that. That is important. Sometimes, the bots with perfect damage (like in VsAi) simply stay on command tower and do nothing. They “defend”, or so… That’s a big loss for that team. 




DrDeath, are you a dev?? I-do-not-believe-you!   ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

It’s quite surprising (read suspicious) your post, to easily accept and “have no problem” with such non-sense. If you like it, make a poll, maybe they (or you, the devs?) will develop such a mode only for yourselves. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) Enjoy it!




Make a new topic with examples of imbalance and ill forward it to the devs.

On 1/30/2021 at 6:17 AM, DaCookiez said:



So, how many more examples of ridiculous imbalance do the devs need to do something? I have a bunch of screenshots I could add to the list. Though I doubt that would change anything.

1 hour ago, talvi3967 said:

So, how many more examples of ridiculous imbalance do the devs need to do something? I have a bunch of screenshots I could add to the list. Though I doubt that would change anything.

More than 1 maybe? No one posted a single thing. Also no one posted any ideas how to balance it with saving the current meta about this mode (battles for corporation sector control, war between corporations etc.). It’s not skirmish PvP, It’s corp vs corp. 
The current rules are:

random players can face a squad or random team
a squad can only face another squad(s) or random team or a 5 people wing
a wing of 5 people can face a squad or a wing of 5 people or more

a wing of 6 or more people can face only another wing


As you can see some of the ideas DaCookiez suggested were implemented. 

The composition of each team is based on which corps are warring which corp (i.e if there are players from two opposite sides of the war, AFAIK they won’t be able to fly in one team).