Balance changes testing!



Public test server

Testing will be held on Star Conflict public test server.

The public test server is a game space independent of the live server where updates are uploaded for mass testing. Instructions on how to connect to the public test server can be found here.


Mass test schedule:

The public test server will run for a limited time. The server is intended only to test an update that is being prepared for release.

  • Saturday: 15:00 GMT - 19:00 GMT. 
  • Sunday: 15:00 GMT - 19:00 GMT.


Important note! Some of the strings in the game’s tooltips will contain old information while the real parameters are going to be changed.


Weapons, ammunition and missiles

Pirate Ion Emitter

  • Maximum resistance reduction reduced to 50 pts.


Omega-B missile launcher

  • The rotation speed of the secondary missile has been reduced to 120 deg/sec.


Boosted Charges Mk. 4, Lens system Mk.4, Armor-piercing shells Mk.4

  • Ammo damage to destroyers increased to 30%.


“Dazzler” railgun

  • Module and missile reloading slows down by 2.5 times for 4 seconds


Crystal defence drone

  • Increased range of fire
  • Increased rate of fire



  • Damage reduced by 20%.


“Harpoon” Plasma Launcher

  • Spread reduced from 2.5° to 1.25°
  • Heating time increased to 10 sec.
  • Range of fire reduced to 3750 m
  • Projectile speed increased up to 4250 m/sec.
  • Rate of fire increased to 26 shots per second (one cannon)


  • Projectile flight speed increased by 20%
  • Energy receipt for a critical hit increased by 22 pts.
  • Critical hit power increased to 70%
  • Rate of fire increased by 2 rounds/min (Based on one weapon)


Thar 'kth

  • Base spread changed to 15 (Max.) - 4.5 (Min.) degrees
  • Now the time of the range increase is equal to the time of target acquiring


Shrapnel Cannon “Bearclaw”

  • Increased the chance of critical hit damage by 10.
  • Bonus from critical hits reduced by 10%

Active modules

Shelter shield

  • Increased the shield’s rotation speed
  • Upon activation, the acceleration bonus no longer decreases over time
  • Resistance reduction upon activation increased from -95 to -65
  • Increased the range of the shield’s spawn


Alien satellites

  • Recovery from the drone is not instantaneous, but takes 2 sec.


Scavenger drones

  • Improved description


“Twin” protocol

  • Improved description


Wormhole Stabilizer

  • Wormhole radius increased by 15%.


Module “Landing platform” and special module of the “Emperor” destroyer “Landing platforms”

  • Drone maneuverability reduced by 20%



  • Shield restoration increased to 4000 pts.


Autonomous battle station

  • Increased the speed of delivery drones by 50%
  • Increased the drone control radius to 4000 m


Explosive restoration

Improved description


Wormhole projector

  • Speed increased to 1000 m/s
  • Damage increased by 100%


System hack

  • Cooldown reduced to 50 sec.


Landing platform

  • The guest ship receives 50 pts


Blaster turret

  • Time of the deceleration effect reduced to 3 sec.


Remote minelayer

  • While the mine is in motion, a second press of the module key sets it on a certain place.


Multiphase shield

  • The range of the effect for allies increased from 170 to 500 m.


Swarm Control

  • The module’s durability and the damage during its destruction were added to the description.
  • Final hull repair reduced from 13047 to 7000 pts./sec.


Crystalline Suppressor

  • Activation radius increased from 150 to 300 m.


Destroyer Modules

  • Added the display of the destroyer modules’ recovery time.


Harpoon M1

  • Active time reduced to 12 seconds
  • Added an effect when a target, captured by the harpoon, passes a shield
  • Increased the minimum distance to which the “rope” of the harpoon is shortened
  • Deals additional damage to destroyers


Internal network dampenet

  • Reload time changed to 25 sec.


Sensor DDoS

  • Cooldown reduced to 20 sec.


Plasma turret

  • Projectile speed increased to 3000 m/s
  • Waz’Got battle station
  • Added ship damage during the installation
  • The range of missile weapons increased to 6,000 m.


Protective sphere

  • Sphere strength increased to 12000 pts.
  • Activation damage is now 200 pts.


Emergency repair station

  • Added ship damage during the installation


“Patron” active defence

  • Damage dealt to the host is now 500 pts.
  • Added a 60-seconds bonus reapplication limit on the target


Active module “Active screen”

  • Increased reload time from 33 to 40 sec.


Active module “Hazardous veil 13”

  • Increased reload time from 33 to 40 sec.


Maneuver blocker

  • Active range increased to 1500 m.



  • Speed increased by 10%
  • Shield resistance increased by 10%
  • Lateral displacement speed increased



  • Significantly increased collision damage


Implant 10-3

  • Bonus increased to 12%