Awl Em module

The item description of this module does not fit. It says weapon power goes down for max 50%.

We did some tests and the damage without the module was 372 and when someone used the module it were 9 damage.(damage per shot)

Correction 362 dmg per hit. ^^

Its about 2.5% of the usual dmg you would deal.

I also reccoment a rebalance of the module. Currently it never runs out so you can be supressed all the time. Only way to get out is to reach a distance over 2.8km or block the beam with a object. Also the coldown of the module is a bit low so you can use it over and over again.

Same here. Put a limit time for this mod.

The balance of this Item has changed so please let us know what you think about it now.

Is there now a better balance for this item?

So far yes. After the increased dmg output of all ships this module is quite fitting the actual gameplay, giving you at least a little bit more survivability in close combat.

i’m pretty sure the ships have some sort of “armor” value which is subtracted from the shot’s damage potential to calculate damage.

on that case, it looks like its rather high at the moment, but the damage output increase should probably counterweight that.

/fixed and closed.