Awesome ship

I remember one very good style for the ships. I very want it in Star Conflict.


Here you see a comparsion, where I seen the style, and make My own ship Phoenix in Star Made.


I want this in star conflict. And if I will can will buy it. I think awesome ship.



nice +1 and many love when we realy get anything like that for t5 premium ships :smiley:

That is the only thing I miss from Black Prophecy. The Genide spaceships.


It’s not often you find spacecraft build along the vertical axis. Reminds me of the bounty hunter ships from Freelancer.


I wouldn’t complain at all if they introduced a 4th class of ship (bombers) and designed them along the vertical axis.


Though at this point, that would unbalance the game enough while they figured out how to balance them, that it probably would kill the game.

really awesome.