Auto-trusting settings keep being reset

Hello all dear developers,

since auto-trust setting were introduced (and forced upon, being set as default) it never remind my choices of not setting it on, and worse keep being reset to auto from one game to another. This, in my opinion, need to be fixed as soon as possible because makes you always low on energy. I really don’t like this option on and I feel many other players like me who has became accustomed to use shift when you need it’s terrible I feel I can’t play anymore! It should be an option to set it on and should be off by default to not disrupt the experience we have already became accustomed. and foremost the setting should not reset it self!

Playing from Linux, if you need further info to debug the problem let me know but should be pretty easy to replicate.

I am having the same issue.  Yes, it is one click to turn off, but doing it multiple times is frustrating.   

Same as well, there must be a file that remember all your settings and somehow it got reset?

Sorry but did you unbinded the default key that is “z” iirc?

Nope, didn t know there was a dedicated key to toggle for this “Feature”.  I will unbind when I get home.  thanks Spongejohn,

In the GAME OPTIONS there is a master setting checkbox.

If the Game Option is set to on, each time you log in the afterbuners will be on by default and you toggle them off via the BIND KEY for it.


If you dont want them on at game start, uncheck the option box.


Uncheck the box.

The setting does store in a config file from version to version since Ive never had to reset mine off after an upgrade.


The Keybind will still toggle them on and off when you want or need the burners.


Hope this helps.

check this bind


On the use of the keybind, I moved my bind to the * symbol on the NUM PAD.   

The Z key can get pressed by mistake in a heated battle and toggle it in the wrong state when you need it.

Bind it out of the way.


I use B for burners on the fly and the NUM PAD * to toggle auto burners on/off.  I keep the Game Option unchecked.