Auto Throttle

Forgive me guys if this has been mentioned before. But it would be nice if you could have some preset throttle settings say for 1/3 , 2/3 , Max speeds. Also a match target speed option would be nice to.

There is currently no need for that feature since this is a PvP only game. When they decide to implement Open World, this is a must-have.

agreed thorkoal

uuh… there’s auto throttle in WoT … which are also PVP games… why cant in here? it gonna useful for Turret View (press Ctrl) so what you do just change the ship direction without slowing down while keep shooting

but yea… maybe gonna make ppl tend crashed on random asteroids due forgot turn it off hahaha /sacrasm

AFKers gonna AFK with that. also, match target speed would make space for unlimited speeds.

@Courina: hold(maybe tap?) shift

well… the problem with shift button, booster gonna eat your energy… not mention if somehow your booster run out (mostly happen to frigate or drained ship) your ship gonna insta-stop if you not pushing any movement button (accelerate with W in normal mode or holding any direction button in 360 degree turret mode)

need something that let us less concentrate on “hitting the gas” and give us more space for concentration aiming…

and about afk-ing… did i mention about crashing into asteroids?

and … dunno… is there any “autokick” for someone AFK in battle? or they just let us float mindlessly for entire battle?

AFAIK there is an autokick for AFKers, but that’s not the case here - with auto velocity control they’ll end up on the boundaries of the map(yup, they exist) - much safer than the original spawnpoint.

what happen if you bumped on map boundaries? taking damage overtime like in freelancer?

you just crash on an invisible wall without recoiling back or taking damage.