Auto-replenish ammo doesn't work sometimes, perhaps related to sector conquest

So, just disabled auto-replenish ammo yesterday after buying prem missiles to give them a go.  After one battle, re-enabled auto-replenish ammo.  Understandably, I had to manually replenish ammo at that particular time.  But I have since had it happen twice where I got a game log message in the lower right that said auto repairs : cost nnnn, and also auto-replenished ammo: cost nnnnn.  The ships are indeed repaired, but their ammo is *not* replenished.  Here’s where it really gets interesting: When I right-click an ammo or missile and choose “replenish from store”, both weapon ammo and missiles show up, and no credits are deducted from my account (probably because they were automatically purchased, but not automatically installed).

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