Auto-Reload/Repair Bug

After T3 PvP match, repair icon will flash in lower left corner of ship slot in hangar, despite having Auto-Replenish Ammo and Auto-Repair options selected in Settings menu. Reproduced most consistently with Premium ships, though Non-premium have also displayed this bug.


Last known incident was August 6. August 7.


 UPDATE: Just reproduced the bug in T4 PvP. Only the ship deployed in the match were affected. Both Premium and Non-premium ships displayed the bug.

I second this one, same happens to me. 

I third


Edit: Here is proof 



I fourth. But it usually happens during a lag spike for me.

I don’t have autorepair on, but the auto reload has been acting up for me lately. That’s a fifth.

I got another one, a Special repair-bug…

after Mission i HAD TO repair my Premium-ship !!!


WTF ?? O_o

Is it just me, or has this been acting up more, recently? I’ve had auto-reload on since forever, but after like 3/4 of all matches, I have to manually reload. It’s even weirder, because when it prompts me to buy ammo, it shows a cost, but when I actually buy it, it doesn’t cost anything.

No, you’re not the only one. I had the same ‘buy ammo’ bug the other day.