Audio cuts out and crackles during battle.

I have an issue with the sound cutting out and crackling in-game during intense battle scenes or when using a weapon with a very high rate of fire.
It sounds like the game cannot process all of the individual sounds of the weapons/hit effects and messes up, its really annoying as sometimes i just cant hear when things are hitting me, sure i can see it on the HUD but by that time its usually too late and the initiative or chance to escape has passed plus it really ruins the immersion.

Im using a Digital SPDIF connection from my computer to a Logitech Z906, i have also tried using the anolog (stereo) connections but the result is the same, i tested this just to check if it was any of my hardware.
I have also tried messing with my audio drivers output frequency, this does seem to effect the cutting out/crackling it to a degree but the results can vary from match to match.

The setting i have found to give the least audio interference is 16-bit 44100hz which is a low audio quality setting, i usually use 24-bit 48khz.

I don’t have this issue in any other game, Warhammer: Total War for example has MANY more complex and concurrent sounds and i have no cracking, cutting out or anything so it must be the game.

NOTE: The in-game music is not affected by the crackle only weapon/hit effects, even with the music turned off the crackling/cutting out remains. 

Is this a known issue or does anyone have a fix for it? Thanks!


try repeat after next update please. Also read this: