Attempt 8. I paid for 15000 gs, and two hours later I still don't have it in game.



  1. Today I bought 16000 gold standards using the online store, so I could use them during the sale. The sale is going to end very soon, and I still do not have ANY gold standards I purchased.

  2. This IS a bug, because I paid for my account, and I still have not gotten my gold standards.


  1. This is the only time, out of the many times I have bought from you, that this has happened.


  1. Simple Step By Step: 1, log in to 2, go to store and click gs 3, buy 15000gs, 4, be told 16000 (with the bonus 1000) gs has been added to my account, 5, check star conflict, no gs, 6, try to report this bug 7 previous times only to have nothing happen.


  1. I was going to use this gs for:


First, buy Contraband Containers until I had enough monocrystals to finish the remaining parts of my jaguar (only 6 parts left, aproximatly 120 monocrystals)


Second, level the Jaguar up to a decent level (6-10) with Adventure Packs


Third, with what is left, buy an Extended Hull V (1108 gs) , and what is left after that, use to upgrade a few moduels to mk4:

-Shield Booster M V from mk3-mk4 (1050 gs)

-Multiphase Shield Adapter V from mk2-mk4 (1155+1??? gs)

-Repair Kit M V from mk3-mk4 (1050 gs)

-Nanocomposite Coating from mk3-mk4 (1155 gs)

-Cruisse Engine Modification V from mk3-mk4 (1553gs)

-Voltage Regulator mk2-mk4 (1108+1??? gs)

-Multiphase Generator V from mk2-mk4 (1108+1??? gs)

-2 Adaptive Shield V from mk2-mk4 (1198+1??? gs)

-Regenerative Coating V from mk3-mk4 (1330 gs)



Once I had finished with the monocrystals, I would first buy the Extended Hull V, then upgrade everything to at least mk3, then with what was left upgrade in order, Hull repair, Shield booster, regenerative coating, adaptive shield, voltage regulator, adaptive shield, multiphase generator, adaptive shield, nanocomposite coating, multiphase shield adapter, cruise engine modification.


  1. Windows 7 Ultimate, 6gb ram, NVIDIA GeForce 512mb, Intel Core 2 Duo 3ghz.




  1. N/A


  1. I want this bug fixed as soon as possible, because with the sale for ‘only this weekend’, and today being SUNDAY, the sale will be over today, as far as I know. If this bug is not fixed, I will not be able to us what I bought my gs for. With this, if it is not fixed in time, I want some sort of compensation at the least. IF YOU ARE WONDERING, YES I HAVE RESTARTED EVERYTHING.


AND YES, this is a summary, because it is the 8th time I have tried to post this, and I really have to use the restroom, but I’m so close to done I might as well finish these sentences. I didn’t use the restroom earlier, if you are wondering, because it was almost 8, and I wanted to submit this before the sale ended. It is now AFTER 8, but the sale is somehow still up, even though everything else has reset for the day.


Also try contact support as they usually deal with buying GS issues. Mention that you bought them during the sale.

Please, call to support