Attacked Sectors Servers

I am a US player, so obviously I get the best ping on those servers.  There appears to be a US server in Attacked Sectors…first time I’ve ever been on it or seen it so far.  I actually got connected to it on my first try today.  


However, my “bug report” is more of a “wtf” report.  The MM is supposed to connect players to the best server, at least for Attacked Sectors–at least that is what I would assume.  After getting connected to the US server in AS, I decided to change ships and test out this new glorious ping.  To my dismay, I could not reconnect to the US server and got EU and RU servers for AT LEAST 25 tries.  I never was able to reconnect to the US server.  Wtf.  Why would I not just get assigned to that server?  Especially when I have to buy ammunition and redock/undock just to see if I am on the right server.  It’s frustrating, it’s time consuming, and it’s ridiculous.


So, a suggestion is to simply put a region selector for AS.  It’s not like you can say that “US server will be completely unpopulated” because honestly, more people probably leave because they never get that server to begin with.  Personally, I’d play all the frickin time if I consistently got low ping, but the system is broken as it is.

Honestly that should not be the resolution. There is a world out there and there is no reason we should not be able to play together.


A US to RU proxy or VPN server would likely do a lot of good for the cross country lag issues. The EU is kinda ok, though one or even the same server to EU would be nice.


In short you would be using a server that has been setup to have low lag & packet loss to connect the US players to the RU & or EU players.


Devs, you could look up the computer’s time zone for IP selection. Because odviously you won’t want everyone using it.