Atlas: Some modules are missing from Atlas



I’ve noticed some of the modules are missing from the Atlas.

They include, but are not limited to , the following:

[Matter Transformer] - TharGa-exclusive CPU modifier

[Resonating Shield] - TharGa-exclusive Shield modifier


and no, it is NOT because they are TharGa research blueprint modules.

Signal Router, another TharGa exclusive module, IS in the atlas. but some of the other modules are NOT.


if i understand correctly, the Atlas is meant to be an encyclopedia of ALL existing modules. (on that note, Pirate versions are also missing)

How can an encyclopedia be an encyclopedia when there are entries missing???


for players who refer to the Atlas to check for modules, they would NOT know about these missing ones, until they come across them by accident


recently i’ve been trying to compile a less confusing pile of stuff. nothing fancy, just an Excel sheet with all the module names, descriptions and drop locations.

but the problem of these missing modules means that i can NEVER be sure that i have included everything.


tbh, i don’t understand why the Atlas isn’t fully complete. 


Please, please, PLEASE fix this as soon as possible.

It would make the Atlas into the encyclopedia it is MEANT to be.


P.S. while perfecting the Atlas, would you mind adding a Search button? or at least give more Filter options. the current list is still waaaaaaay too cumbersome. i have to read through hundreds of Passive modules to find the one i want to find.


don’t have pictures to attach, how am i supposed to snap a picture of something that is missing in the first place?

Also, when you filter items for class, not all modules are shown, especially unique weapons and things that will be implemented later.

Please, check the existing bug reports first! There’s very little that can escape me.

Identical bug reports are not necessary.




Please recheck after next update