Atlas: All Pirate modules are missing!

Bug report:



All Pirate modules are missing in the Atlas. All 7 of them.


List of seven missing Pirate modules:




  • ‘Pirate Multiphase Shield Adapter 13’

  • ‘Pirate Shield Booster L 13’

  • ‘Pirate Shield Booster M 13’

  • ‘Pirate Shield Booster S 13’

  • ‘Pirate ‘Orion’ Targeting Complex 17’

  • ‘Pirate Engine Overcharge 17’

  • ‘Pirate Mass Shield Generator 17’

[@Skula1975](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/239039-skula1975/)


I suppose missing modules are a bug? They cannot be found otherwise anywhere else.