Asteroid Mining Guide For Beginners

Ship: Lynx

Weapon: Assault Railgun 2 Mk4

Ammunition: Explosive Shells 3

Crew Implant 2: Neurocontroller ‘Albatross’. Increases sensor range by 75%





Locating Your Asteroid

You will notice rocks within 3000 units that will show up with a label that could be any of the following:

  • Poor Asteroid

  • Rich Asteroid 

  • *Resource* Asteroid

  • Rich *Resource* Asteroid

(Resources can be Crystal, Silicon, Graphite, Vanadium, Osmium)



While the label and the icon on the map will only show up within 3000 units the closer you get to the asteroid, you will in time be able to recognise how they look from afar. As you progress in ship levels, you will be able to equip CPU equipment like Enhanced Scanner and Spatial Scanner that will enable you to locate them with greater ease, as they increase your sensor range.



Mining Your Asteroid

Your goal is a successful mining extraction and to achieve that, you would need to maintain the golden colour of the asteroid for a consistent period of time. With the current equipment, you do that by firing off a shot a second. Do not be afraid to delay your shots by half a second, as it would be safer than destroying the asteroid if you overheat it by firing too fast or too much. A successful extraction will yield ores and a container or two, containing a ship part to the ‘Mole’.