Assists? How do they work exactly?

Ever since I started playing, the assist systems has always seemed a bit problematic. What I mean is that you shoot someone and do 90% of the damage after someone gets like 10% of it and you’re the one “assisting”. But recently it has gotten to the point where I kill someone 100%, with no one even near the target, and I get and assist??? I have gone several games were I rack up about 10+ assists and no kills because of this.

  Is this a know problem or bug of some kind in the game or with a specific weapon or something? I am still rather new to the game so don’t hold it against me if there is some sort of obvious answer to this that veteran players know.

Whoever gets the last shot gets the kill. Even if you do 99.9999999% of damage and then they bump into another player, that player gets the kill and battering ram medal.

Ya figured as much for most of them, but still doesn’t explain why they are assist’s when I know for a fact I got the last shot because I chased them far from anyone else on the map and killed them. But it is good to know that at least i’m not crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check your combat logs to confirm what really happened.

I can see why it wouldn’t be fair if someone who does 50% + 1 of the damage on the target, but not the last shot, doesn’t get the kill. All it does is encourage kill stealing.

On the other hand, if something is almost already dead, it might discourage people from even trying to shoot at that person since they know they won’t get a kill on it. Let’s be real: people don’t value assists as much as kills, even when they’re forced to accept the assist because they’re part of a crack squad of pilots who go after objectives.

This question is something that affects many other games than this one and I doubt it’ll go away.


Your problem sounds more like a T1. I think, that later on, you will no longer really care if you get assist, or kill. And in this game doing “kill steal” is somewhat problematic. its not like you can save your “ult” for the moment when enemy is almost dead, and then press one button to kill him. You did 90% of dmg alone, and then in the end somone decided/was able to join you attacking him. Good for you, because that enemy died 1 second faster, and you can switch to next one.

I’m in the tail end of T2, and I do go for the objectives over everything else (discovered the importance of that in WoT). It is just that you get more rewarded for kills, and when you completely take down a ship full shield full hull, it is endlessly frustrating that it somehow gives me an assist.

The game already tracks damage contribution. Wish it would share points fairly but there’s no easy solution for that. Say 2 ships made equal damage on a single ship, how many points do they get compared to 6 ships doing equal damage to a similar victim?

Or maybe award the highest contributor the kill award but then you get cases where a low dps ship continuously shooting at someone’s shield but never getting past it before someone else 2 shots the victim’s hull to kill it. But never getting the kill points. Is that fair also? Coz u can potentially do 98% contribution just teasing the shields but never posing a real threat.

Whatever the case - most guys I fly with are near obsessed with win-loss ratio than any other stats. Me, i just fight for the Credits. Don’t give kills/assist too much thought.

Just the win.