Assignment not working

I am playing through the Jericho-assignments and I am stuck at the assignment “Allrounder” given by Selena Galo.


In the assignment description it says:

“Open the Equipment tab, choose a slot and install a ship modifier Mk.2 or better. There are ship modifiers for engines, capacitors, hull, shield and CPU.”


Since I got that assignment I upgraded about 4 or 5 modifiers to Mk.2, one even to Mk.3. I also upgraded a few weapons to check that I didn’t do anything wrong, also to Mk.2. Nothing of that worked, the assignment is still not finished.

I checked with some other people who did about the same and it worked for them, so I am guessing it is a bug.

Any advice?

Already reported a few threads down: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22490-all-rounder-bustedfor-a-long-time/)

If I understood the OP of that thread correctly then upgrading a module in place did not work, he had to remove a module and put an Mk.2 or higher module back.

Thanks a lot! It worked!