Ask Gene Inari

Not sure if this should go in a guide section, but I want to give an Ask thread a try.

In this thread. I will answer questions about ship builds and about techniques and other tips that people wonder about. AS A DISCLAIMER, everything in this thread is my _personal opinion. _While I will do my best to provide accurate information, none of my builds or suggestions are the definitive best or even all that good. I will share what works best for me and if it works for you too, great, if not, that’s great too. As long as you are learning how to be better at the game, more power to you.


Anyways, a little about my history in Star Conflict. I found the game in middle of January, after stumbling upon TotalBiscuit’s WTF Is Star Conflict? video. And after doing some digging around for information, I was sold and installed the game. I started out with focusing on Jericho ships. finding Command a cool class. First and foremost I am a support oriented player. I’m honestly garbage at dogfighting and not very good at securing kills. I work best at helping my team do the killing for me. So, most of my advice will have a utilitarian bent and questions about support classes are the best for me.


From a few weeks in, I decided Engineer would be my “main” class and about a month after starting SC, I about had a Styx and I was accepted into NASA, and I’ve been with the corp since. And since then my goal has been raising my fleet strength as high as possible and maxing out every ship in the game. I have every ship from R10 on downwards with full synergy. I have experience with every kind of ship from all 3 factions up to T3. 

Anyways, here are my stats:



Now feel free to ask me anything! Be it ship fits or Engineer tactics.

Do you think the [NASA] tag helps you or hurts you when you fly solo?

Well it’s certainly an appealing target that people like to focus!

And it both helps and hinders, it depends on the situation. I play Engineer when not synergizing other ships, so I’m always near teammates, and I play primarily Federation Engineer. I love it when cheeky interceptors or gunships chase me down and wayyyyy overextend into my team and get blown up trying to kill me. And with me being an Engineer, I heal away all the damage done. 


It’s so satisfying abusing people’s greed and seeing how people chase me down and die trying to kill me. Serves them right for not focusing more threatening targets. That said, it sucks when they do finally get me, and it happens.


Overall I find the tag a positive. Sure, it makes some players target and focus me, but I know how to abuse that obsessive focus and use it to my advantage.


Shoot me all you like, I won’t make your job easy at all and it’s better than shooting my teammates who might be less able to take the heat.

TB’s video needs updating, considering all the changes. We should nag him to do it.

Yeah I looked at it, and it’s from March 2013. Back when multiple ammo/missile types and ship abilities were faction based. It’s an entirely different game now.

Yeah I looked at it, and it’s from March 2013. Back when multiple ammo/missile types and ship abilities were faction based. It’s an entirely different game now.

The game was fun, back then. It was those specific things that made me want to play. Now… not so much.

but back in those days not only the game was different, but also the players, and the skill levels were different. or how long it took to equip a ship to full purple.

what changed is not just the game, but also the understanding of the game; usually if some pilots started to use single ships and fits more effectively, and people adapted; like the rotation vs. speed change in ceptors last xmas, which was not patch related, but how people fitted ships.

it’s not just the game what evolves, also how players use it. if we would turn back the time to that patch area, and play today, it would be a much more different experience; and you might not want to play pretty fast.

i miss the kinetic ammo swap on my rf blasters, too. however i enjoy atm. that every ceptor weapon is actually viable in certain situations, and i think, todays mechanics would make some stuff pretty OP with this. I actually started to like the new mechanics only in the last few months.

i do think devs did not forget those features, and some might be able to inspire new additions in the future

i would love TB trying another run in SC. i miss utub content. addicted.