Hello everyone, i was looking at all of the amazing art work Star Conflict has made so far and, i desided to make a Goggle Sketchup CAD moldel.

I call this one Atom (or PC16-A)

(Left click on the photos to see them larger)

This is a Planet Cruser, can go to space only to enter a larger carrer to be moved to the next Planet.



You may have seen this pic else where…


This is the hangar, there is 2 on each side:


Here is a side look, and the engines:



And finaly, here is a ground unit, that can deploy from a specal elevator:


Thank you all for looking,




“Exit Stage Right”

Specal Thx to the Star Conflict for the inspiration!

Here is a close up at the weapons, also inspired by Star Conflict’s Art:


Sorry for all of what appears to be mistakes. I am still mastering Paint Shop.

If you have any ideas for me to improve the ship, let me know!

Looks like its coming along pretty well m8, keep at it.

you got obviously to much freetime…amazing work :01212:

post some more :fed001:

post scriptum: all artists started small - i have faith in you becomming better

Like the posters above said: It looks really nice.

Thanks! i do have a few more ships that i have been working on but, on this one i have spent the most time on it. (about 1 week, 2-3 hours per day)