Arms Race Updates

Pilost! We’d like to remind you that an ‘Arms Race’ is on between corporations. Your corporation’s objective is to be among the first to finish a dreadnought!




Today we announce the rewards given to the three corporations that spend the least time building their capital ship:


— All three corporations that win the race will get the opportunity to decorate their dreadnought with a custom aesthetic part of their own design. Use it to reflect your corporation’s spirit and instill fear in your enemies!


— Pilots of the top two corporations will get unique colouring schemes for their ships.


— Only the pilots of the fastest corporation will get access to a unique pack of pilot portraits available only to them. The pack will consist of portraits sent by the corporation’s members!


Corporations can join the race at any moment until the very end. Everyone has a chance to win.

Learn more about the ‘Arms Race’ here.


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