Arlene Sokar assignments - Premium license bonuses are not applied!

Bug report:



Arlene Sokar’s tasks to get Waz’Got components will not increase its rewards in credits and xenocrystals when Premium license is active.


Screenshot: (These are default numbers. Premium license should increase these rewards by 50% to credits and xenocrystal.)

                    (An active Premium license must increase credits rewards from 60k to 90k and xenocrystal rewards from 2 to 3.)




[2017.08.12](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15105)

Is that really an isolated bug – I though this License would not result in increase of missions/contracts rewards ?

Didn’t thought of before , but man you are d*#!mn right –

Supporting this good game  needs d*#!mn more recognition.


Not a bug: premium-modifier not applied for event’s quests