Ariadne's Thread Empire guships are a priority target for environment ?

Hello, i dont know why but every time i play ariadne’s thread mission with a empire gunship rank 15, all enemies swarm on me and i am dying in a few seconds.screenshot-180524-173638.jpg.16a22162207855345431a895aeeef0e2.jpg


Is the gunship a priority target for the environment ?



Srry if i have mistakes, i am still learning english.

I don’t think AI hs any  Targeting preferences, but dude (sorry to say, but) your setup is not particularily great, your ship has the survivability of “wet toilet paper”, which should not be the case in PVE,


but apart from that AI mostly attacks

a) Ships that attack them

b) Ships that are very close


Further, your team might be using invisibility or radar cloak abilities, therefore the AI will have even less targets to fire at and the chane of you being targeted increases.