Ariadne credit income nerfed

Devs, why Ariadne got credit nerfed ? It is the hardest mission so the revard should be as it was. Nowadays it gives like 30-40% less credits… CMON And if You do so, why do you not inform about it ? Please revert it as it was because it is not worth it right now.


What rank were you running?

How many side objectives did you complete?

Did you have a credit bonus active?

Did you have a license active?

i am compleating 4-5 objectives all the time. The time of a mission is also similar 15-20min, my bonuses are same, license active as well. I was making x credits for a run +/- 5-10%, now I have minus 30-40%. Nothing changed but the credit income.

Could you give some more precise values? For example I went for a 10 minute run with my Mauler and earned 850k credits, I have the 15b implant which gives 10% bonus to credits, but I only did 1 task because someone had the bright idea to destroy the stations before I could get to destroy the beacon, I might have to play more games to give a better value but as far as Ariadne’s rewarding mechanics go its pretty normal, unlike other missions this one gives more rewards the more time you spend in it but its not as effective as speedruning multiple Defcons or Fire Supports.