Are frigates impossible to kill/over powered? Or is it just me?

So I’m quickly coming to find that most matches I get into are centered around killing a single enemy to stop enemy reinforcements. Now most the time the enemy target is in a frigate and or has frigates next to him protecting him. Now here is where my problem begins. Yes I can cloak myself or just slip around them and light them up. But the problem is, my damage no matter what doesn’t even drop them a bar. Yes I’am hitting them, yes I’m using modules to drain and lower their shields while also buffing my own weapons. All together I’m launching missiles firing plasma weapons, using my special, and have all these buffs going and I’m just sitting their as it takes him about 5 seconds to realize I’m behind him.

Now I can repeat this process over and over again, but usually what happens is that a single enemy frigate can turn around and kill me in about 2 seconds even though I’m taking cover and moving evasively. My question is what the hell am I doing wrong? I suppose if I had 2-3 more guys we can probably take down half it’s health but that seems absolutely ridiculous since their frigates can reach half way across each map and then we leave our captain defense less.

Just my general opinion but if a single ship sneaks behind a enemy frigate they really shouldn’t have the capability of taking out a frigate by themselves but for gods sake I would like to see it’s shields drop.

i assume you were fighting jericho firgates since they can obtain hilarious amounts of shield hp which take some serious firepower to show some effects…

there are also modules which will improve your resistance or healing rate so with the right set you can be one tough chunk to swallow

what ship are you flying and what ships do your average frigate opponents use?

many players tend to use heavy laser - they deal vast amounts of damage and can quickly turn you to dust

it is however possible to kill frigates alone (it’ll end 90% with your death since some other ships will take on you):

  • if you use heavy weaponry like the heavy plasmagun, railgun or laser you can easily kill them from a safe distance

  • if you use the imperial attack ship and equip assault / heavy plasmaguns or heavy railguns you can use the special overdrive which will give you a bonus towards rate of fire, speed and manoeuvrability

  • use an interceptor and proximity mines / small missile - it takes some skills but should work

they are tought to bring down but they have little mobility so is easy to just stay in their backs shooting with impunity, if they arent alone your best bet is to kill their allys.

if you still having troubles with them try assault railgun with the mod that gives emp dmg and the one that gives higher chance to crit. use emp thermal mod to trash shield and then change to crit mod to trash the hull.

Frig blobs arent that easy to be whiped. Since they provide a lot of supportmodules for themselfs and also debuffs for you. High amount of Shield/Hull is making it also difficult for any ship at all, and dont forget the firepower they have. Only way to clear the space is a coordinated attack. 3 Attackships should be able to get the commander but it will be more of a suicide mission. Try to pull some ships out into your allys. Most players will go for a cheap kill and will follow you quite long until they are dragged in your allys weaponrange.

Also some stuns are quite usefull here -> Jericho Interceptor’s Special or the Ion Beam module on an attackship or Ion Warhead Rockets will help here.