Archon build

Im sorry for the wrong place to post this but this is the only one im allowed to post in for some reason…

I almost have all the resources for my Archon but im new to the game and im not sure how go about building it.

I know i shoud get 3 shield slots but thats pretty much the only thing im sure about. 
I tried searching the web for some answers but most of the inormation is not relevant. 


I want something for PvE if that matters. God knows i won’t touch pvp in a game ever again (tnx leauge)


i woud be very greatful if you guys can give me some suggestions . Thanks !

You have the 3 shield slots right, the second most important thing is the capacitor, then CPU, then hull and engine, so go with 1 2 3 1 2, my build is a little advanced but you should get the idea.


You can replace the Multiphase with a Plasma Turret to accentuate on the EM damage, but do be careful on the Monolith mission.

Thank you ! I used your template now i only have to farm the modules.
I hope this topic helps other who like me didn’t find good recent build ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Since your new, your going to want to build Archon the “standard” way, by buffing her strong points, specifically shields.


I completely agree with thunder on how to build archon. Shields are the priority, next is capacitor (destroyers use lots of energy in general), then go for stuff like engine cpu and hull.


Once your more experienced, you can rebuild her if you want. A good example is a firepower build, instead of buffing shields, you could do a 0 3 2 1 3 capacitor slots used for more DPS, hull for extra energy, and cpus for improving range, crits etc.


That’s just an example, in the future you can build her to do whatever you want. Even a Open Space build would be neat which would rely on lots of engines.