Archelon, Stingray, Brokk - NO DATA text is visible in ship's statistics screen

Bug report:


There is no data icon visible on 3 craftable ships - Archelon - Rank 7 Federation Guard, Stingray - Rank 10 Federation Gunship and Brokk - Rank 13 Empire Engineering Frigate.


How to replicate this bug:

DO NOT construct any of those ships. Ship MUST NOT be assembled yet, so that you can see this issue. All 3 of them have the same issue.

Notice: This issue or bug was spotted on Public Test Server, but it may be introduced in the next upcoming official update! It may already be present now. I do not know for sure.


Screenshot: (Check top-left corner of the screen - NO DATA) Also, numbers do not make any sense at all. Brokk 10, Stingray 10, Archelon 9





Logs: Sadly, they were deleted by accident, but issue is easy to replicate.

Is it public test server’s report?

1 hour ago, Skula1975 said:

Is it public test server’s report?

Yes, it is, but some people said, that it may be in official version already, so I posted it under this section and not on PT bug report section.

Gonna to fixed on main server