[Arcade] Beacon hunt

In this Mode you will find 3 neutral Beacons on the map, One active, Two inactive. Each Team starts with 100 Points.


The goal is to reduce the enemy team’s points while keeping your own.


Each beacon is active for 60 seconds. Once the time limit is up the current active beacon will turn off and an inactive beacon will turn on. Only the active beacon can be captured from ether team.


<Error, do the kills and death rules from domination apply here as well?>

Since there is no pinned Beacon Hunt topic, and this seems the best, I bump this.


And add a suggestion:

why not decrease the point count speed by a single beacon there a bit, and instead of lighting up only one beacon, light up the next one at 50-80% of the beacon timer.


This way, a team can try to attack the active beacon, or move on to the next beacon, while it would force groups to secure the next beacon and still a need to defend the one which is actually giving points.


Also, it would diminish the confusion in newer pilots, where the next beacon is.

This would be of huge benefit to organised frigate balls, who already move to the next beacon 20 seconds in advance.


Bear in mind that you have no re-spawns in your team while you hold an active beacon, so there is no disadvantage to giving the beacon away for the last few seconds - in fact it is a massive benefit to your team.


If we want to help players find each beacon, we should keep the icons to each beacon on our HUD - just make them a more faded colour or another method to indicate their inactive status.

g4borg’s idea seems to be the most reasonable and efficient way of making Frigballs in Beacon Hunt disappear entirely.

Terrible game mode if you ask me. The team that captures the first 3 beacons wins 75% of the time and the game can end when you’re still fighting for the last beacon. Terribly executed.