With all the suggestions and complaints I’ve skimmed across in the forums, it can be pretty depressing to read, posting only all bad news with no good makes it seem like nothing is going right and kills worker moral faster than you can say Fire and Oil Refinery, so I decided that there is a need to balance all the bad news with some appreciation before the developers hang themselves in depression.


So, thank you for making a great game, it is a lot more balanced than a lot of other games that I have encountered, which reflect the amount of thought that went into it, the dynamics of the ships are wonderful and the graphics are beautiful.


The Maps are great too in the balance they bring to balancing out snipers, and Combat Recon is a laugh, especially when you are the captain and there are 3 ships on your tail! Dreadnought Sabotage gives a wonderful campaign feel to the game. (Love to take on a fully functional Dreadnought, no fighters but full flak/missile launcher layout- story can be friendly forces have killed off the support ships, finish the ship before reinforcements arrive! Or even campaign, 1st match vs interceptors, 2nd vs fighter/frigate/destroyer guards and finally the Dreadnought.)


Anyway, thank you for a great game and for the fun times you have given us. Just 2 requests.



  1. Can you get someone to translate this properly so that the developers can read and be encouraged. Or at least not be demoralised.




  1. Sticky it so that others can show their support and appreciation.



Even computer nerds need to know they are doing something good. Otherwise they’ll just spend their time cooking up viruses. :slight_smile:


To follow up posters: “Complaints elsewhere please, don’t spoil the mood.”

Even computer nerds need to know they are doing something good. Otherwise they’ll just spend their time cooking up viruses. :slight_smile:


BEST ARGUMENT EVER to keep devs happy

Seriously though, this is one of the best-optimised games as far as graphics go. Tiny download, runs at over 100fps on my 16-month old gaming rig with all settings to max, and looks sooo pretty. Great job on that.


The other thing I really love is the complete freedom of movement in 3d. Sure it makes me wish I had 8 fingers sometimes to control the ship completely, but even so, it’s really good that you can do any kind of rotation + motion. Very few space games get this right, or even try to at all.

OP is right. The game is still in Beta but already so much fun, that I’ve played it 5+ hours every day since I started playing a week ago (steam launch).

As more features are added in the future, I think this game will only become even more awesome.

Everyone is a winner! Here is a trophy…