AoE damage goes through obstacles

Hello there, I couldn’t think of other section on the forum since there is no section for game mechanics and such (or I’m blind), so I’ll try here.


Now, the problem is that all the damage that is not hitscan or a projectile with no AoE is not blocked from damaging things that are behind cover. An example, from my game like a week ago - map was called I guess Ancient Ruins. First I was in an interceptor, planted a bomb and escaped underneath the scenery above which the point was. Its explosion killed me through the “ruins” that are everywhere on this map. Later I got damaged by torpedos detonating on the other side of a giant horizontal wall that was floating there, not far from left spawn, maybe 4k from bomb spawn place. It’s equivalent to shooting through walls since the fastest way from explosion centre to me was several kilometers around the cover.


Same goes for hiding behind beacons. Someone detonates torpedo on the other side, you still get damaged. This is not supposed to work like that. World does not work like that. Besides flying a torpedo just past the beacon and detonating there is not that hard, so please spare me “torpedo nerf” thingy if you’d be so kind.


On a side note, I have also experienced enemy pulsar going at me right through the middle of an asteroid, and not a small one. We were just sitting on the opposite sides and it went right through. Seems legit.


Since cover works just good for everything that does not explode, please fix the AoE going right through it. Provided it was not patched already and I just missed that fact, which I doubt unfortunately.


Thank you for reading.

One might argue that emp would work through a wall and could completely fry the electronics of your ship.

And torpedo are actually atomic warheads so…


Now you might argue that emp won’t destroy your hull, which is right, but short-circuit could start a fire within the ship and cause explosion, and even if it does not, your ship would still be out of order.

Maybe you would like, to be more realistic, that instead of exploding, your ship just stay there waiting for rescue, hoping it gets there before you suffocate and have to recreate an account because your pilot is dead.


I, for one, would rather bear with the explosion non-sense, imagine seat ejection, retrieval and re-launch in my oh-so-quickly repaired ship.


Now we’re left with the balance problem of it but I don’t think it’s that problematic.