anyone have dag'tnith launcher yet ?

what is your feeling about it ? is it good for pvp ?

i hope someone will make video about it

Ok,I am legitimately scared right now,classic sound and epilepsy warning:


It’s amazing in PvP so far. Though only having one plane of homing makes it kind of difficult to use. If you see a stationary target, lock them and fire a lot above and below them. The disks will swirl around them , limiting their movement to the plane that you can actually hit them on. Use supernova ammo and lots of Horizon modules to make the most of his weapon in PvP. So far it is not very good in PvE that I can tell. Spinning around will also make more of them hit the target. An LRF will make them fire much faster.

Tl;Dr: Use Supernova and Horizon to make it work best. It’s good in PvP not PvE.

i’ve crafted one for my Archelon , that’s work pretty fine … My guard is now a perfect counter to Destroyer r8 with Halo spam ^^


the good with this alien weapon

  • range ( 5000 to 6000 and more with implant & module )

  • DPS

  • the crowd control , the 5 sec debuff

  • the fast 8 shot per volley

  • the weapon skin



  • too slow

  • accuracy

  • the spread



is it auto homing same as missile ?

is it good to kill those ziczac small ship ? XD

It homes in on the locked target like missiles, yes.

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I’ve been testing it out in pvp and pve for the past day and its actually not too bad as long as you choose the correct implants.

This gun deals explosive EM damage with a base fire rate of 100 rds/min and a 25% bonus to crit damage versus other EM weapons. Hitting the target also reduces rotation speed for 5 seconds.

Starting out you’ll find its a bit lacking in dps as a good portion of the “blue arrows” you shoot will miss at ranges greater than 3.5k vs mobile targets. Make up for that with crit chance and if you’re wanting a destroyer/frigate killer supernova ammo.

Keep in mind your projectiles will only track the target you have locked to the left or right not up/down. Its best used on a tanky frigate that has staying power like a guard or empire engineer. While yes it will fire faster on a lrf the hail of neon blue arrows will make your ship stick out like a sore thumb regardless of em scattering field.

As to PVE…this thing is awesome against structures. Build for crit chance/damage and use supernova on a LRF…was easily hitting 7k crits against the cruiser in T5 Fire Support with a green R13 weapon.