Anyone getting Stream Offline?

I am getting cannot connect to Stream network you appear to be offline :dntknw:  Yet here I am typing away on the Forum… :what:   Anyone else experiencing Steam connectivity issues   ?




NVM  it came back finally…  it needed a break ?

You mean steam?

You mean steam?


LOL Yup… your right!   :good:        To think all this time I been calling it Stream… :facepalm:



I think the DERP Borg is slowing assimilating me !   Resistance is futile

Yeah steam generally does this with me as well. Fixes itself after sometime

Server hiccups i suppose

Link you Gaijin account with your steam account (in the game) then you can login with your Gaijin account (if you haven’t done so already).


It happens to me from time to time that steam just doesn’t want me so I login with Gaijin account.