Any possibility to report players for their behaviour?

I’m not sure if this is the right section for this but didn’t find anything matching.

I just had it that a player abandoned his ship at the start of a mission and started to offend some players for the type of ship they selected and argued how bad we are and that he doesn’t want to play with ppl like us and that’s why he just destroyed himself right at the start. (well he used some other words, but I don’t really want to repeat it.)


Well, I had situations similar to this a few times before, but it never was so bad, that I thought I have to report it.

I just don’t understand such ppl. They blame others to leave the team alone by the kind of ship they picked and self-destruct the ship and leave the team alone themselves.
I really think it should be possible be report ppl offending others and they should get a warning. If they do it again maybe 1day ban and so on.

it’s not fun to get angry about such people while you actually only want to play a few mission after work.

Right-click their user name while in-game and click “Report”.

Be sure to select the relevant option and give a short description of the offense.


Also just because I’m curious, was this a PvE or a PvP?

If it was PvE, then he may have been mad at the AI players because they are always useless.

It was PVE and there was no AI-Player.
He was complaining about one guy that took an LRF he said LRF player always just sit in the back and don’t do anything that’s why he hates anyone that plays LRF in his team.

In the last couple of weeks this Happened to me 2 or 3 times already that ppl were complaining about LRF. (don’t know if it was the same player… didn’t remember the name the last times)

Interestingly enough, LRF players that know how and willing to do what is necessary, they usually get on top of the team. Unless there is a destro in the team, or a serious kill rusher, because in that case any interceptor can get anyone to the top of the team. Bottom line is, it is not the fault of the ship role, it is the pilot behaviour to be blamed.

11 hours ago, Atomicsteel said:

a player abandoned his ship at the start of a mission

That itself is a reason to report… 

A guy who doesn’t know what a LRF is capable of doing in PvE… What the heck? Why are the flaming, offensive guys always the biggest Aces…