Any plans on adding warnings/indicators to torpedoes?

Not talking about Jericho LRF torpedoes, but the frigate missile slot torpedoes. These things pack a tremendous punch, have deceptively large range and can be used as emergency “mines” vs interceptor swarms. It’s kind of weird that it’s the only missile weapons to only have LOS indication that it’s active. No beeping (like nukes) or missile launch warning (like pretty much every other missile in the game). 


Before anyone says it, I’m not calling for a nerf on the weapon’s stats or complaining it’s too powerful as a weapon, but it’s very strange how it’s a unique case and considering how powerful the thing is I think it should have some clear warning, specially as an interceptor pilot.

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I would want the same thing

On the same coin you don’t get a missile sound on interceptor unguided missiles. I think the reason it doesn’t have a sound is b/c it would beep forever and then when someone with a real targeting missile shoots at you, you won’t be able to distinguish the two missiles. It would lead to a miss fire of flares due to the slow speed of the torp then followed by that window of not having flare or whatnot. Also i don’t want to hear that beeping sound for 10-20sec before it reaches it destination.

True enough, but you can’t really compare the damage, range and AOE of the torpedo to interceptor unguided missiles.