Any ETA on when Star Conflict will be available on Steam?

I notice that Star Conflict has been submitted to the Steam database 17 days ago along with 3 (presumably) DLC packs; an Elite Pilot pack, a Galaxy Explorer pack and a Mercenary pack. Has there been any word on when Star Conflict will actually be available in Steam? The only info I can find on a Steam release is from months ago.


a steam release is planned, but at the moment I can’t give you a date for the release.

i hope the steam release will be sometime - not in the nearer future…otherwise there would be players complaining about match making and tier balance en masse…the amount of “ego” players could also increase drastically


making a wild guess: steam release after the completion of the clan system and tier 5 :smiley:

If there would be lots of new players then there wouldn’t be match making and tier balance problems, as all the new ones would play against other new ones. But as game is in beta it doesn’t need more players atm. Forums would be flooded. Devs wouldn’t be able to read through all that. 

I will close the thread until we get more official news about the steam release.