Anti-spam system "2 battles"

Dear players!

Starting from tomorrow, our forum gets a new anti-spam system “2 battles”. The essence of this system is that a new registered player cannot create posts or threads until he played two battles. The system only counts PvP fights. Once the player fought in two battles, he will automatically be transferred into the group, which provides the ability to create posts and threads on the Forum.

If you are playing the game through Steam or Arc, you have to link your account and play 2 battles. After this, you will be able to create posts on the forum.


All players are transferred to a new group called “Recruit” with the removal of the posting ability on the forum. In order to get the posting ability back, you need to be transfered to the “Mercenary” group (available after conducting 2 battles in PvP). If it does not work apply the group directly, please re-log on the forum. You need to login to the game with the gaijin account at least one time.