Anti Bots - Ingame !!!!!

PLZ, no more bots !! not in T3 not in T4 not in T5 … we thank you… :snowgirl:

? bots?


I don’t recall seeing bots in T3+ for the last year. Aside from the aleins in patch 1.0

Yeah. I haven’t seen bots in a long time. XP

there are bots in T3, they just aren’t called (bots) any-more, and considering lots of times bots higher efficiency in games than half of the team, not many even notice that :smiley:

Have not seen bots in t4/t5 though for a looong time.

right. bots in t3 ruin my games. they always rush in and get slaughtered by guards or lrf with massdrivers.

You have 3 (possibly 4 slots open) equip a ship that will slaughter their LRF or Guard, problem solved

what have they changed the bot names to? out of curiosity

Yah, they changed bots to some generic names, like Strong, Flash, Agression kinda thing. They are all 1 legit word, starting with capital letter, no numbers. I don’t think you can thumb up them after the game nor can you watch their profile stats with right click.

when ever your ingame , and u see a bunch of people without a corp… try right clicking them , u cant. u can only check real players there pilot profile …

Thanks for the feedback, we will discuss your this internally.

since error so politely asked to stick to 1 topic ill repost here :wink:


generally the int and fighter bots tend to instaplode since they get in close, dont really move and usually have xxxx lower rank ships with xxxx resistances. the frigates on the other hand. well engies are still stupid and easy to kill once the heal spam is on cooldown. lrf as you said sit bit to the back but are super squishy. and guards are the best thing your bots can get. why?? well they soak 3 times the damage other bots can. it is indeed a race who kills most bots once they spawn. maybe a reason they got bots in matches for the Nth time(and ppl always hate the devs for it after that) is cause they pushed ppl to play t5 now and t3 is less populated. this is a speculation because honestly i didnt find any problems with t3, but hey they have their almighty secret statistics on the game … also another super annoying thing bots tend to do is they spawn, lock on a target and FIRE ZE MISSILES. like literally they empty the whole magazine on whoever they lock on first.

they closed my topic so i ll respond here to 


I end first, i often do, I dont lose more matches then i used to, the bots make T3 just a waste of time, a pve joke. Saying i just have to play T4-T5 is just too stupid for words. Why do you even bother writing this? Its a totaly useless comment.



Finishing on top of efficiency charts =/= being prepared for anything and playing for win, those are 2 different concepts.


Clearly, devs have a model of progression in mind, and currently it looks like T1-T2-T3 is a kindergartner suited towards “new” players, and t4/t5 for more progressed pilots, while quite a few “veterans” trying to get t3 to be that starting tier. T3 is fairly easily accessible for entrance as new pilots, t4 not so much (even though there are those “rushers”, overall “properly entering” t4 is longer) and exactly in T3 for longest time there is this clash of newbies with r7 mk1/2 ships getting pitted vs “so called pros” woth maxed out r9s. Tier in itself is most imbalanced in the game specifically because of that issue. 

My post was in reaction on another post in a closed thread, that s why i might look a bit weird. 


I know the difference and I always follow the objective and I always play for the win. However lately every match gets invaded by bots making winning just a race killing as much bots as possible. You dont actualy need to follow objectives, you just have to kill more bots then the oponent… You say that this is what the star conflict team is aiming for? 

Do you realy think that after shooting bots in T1 and T, shooting more bots in T3 will improve a players skill? No it will be just as difficult and entertaining as it was in T2. They ll get wrecked in T4 pvp and a good chance they ll stop playing by the time they finaly get a T4 ship. Why? because a bot shooting game isnt as interesting as a pvp shooter. Plus on top of that they ll be dissapointed that after all those months in T1-T2-T3 they still get crushed and seemed to have learned nothing.


You learn from good players, you learn from enemys, as it is now you dont learn a thing in T3. T3 is as balanced as T5. White ships gets crushed by higher rank purple ships. I dont see how you see that differently. Just as many new players rushing tiers as there are in T5/ often with worse equipment because they cant pay anything better. In T3 its actualy possible to fit out you ship as you like in 1 day time by buying the modules you want. At that point you ll be a better match to other ships in T3. Feel free to fly with a white r13 ship and post a result where you are not below average.


What about all those T3 ships i leveled, the premium ships I only just bought in the sale? Just wasted?

i have to agree with erador. he put it in words nicely.

To be honest SC is now a few years old. and, if  by that time. “as devolpers” still didnt learn how to make this in an awesome game… then i think its time to invest are time and money in an other game. even thow Fallout 4 isnt a multiplayer. its a good game to spend your time in + after a few weeks some guy will make a multiplayer mod. So if SC FAILS , well u know where to find me.



And please dont give me foolish comments like , or u quitting with sc? thats a No Go. i spended to much money in this game to trow it away. but am i still as intrested as befor ? no … defo not.

I play PvP for the only reason: i want to play against P


I think playing with other people is the best thing about Star Conflict.


And i so want it to stay free of bots.

goddamit disable the xxxx bots already. its a simple on/off switch! you dont need a special patch for it!! i really dont wanna switch to guard with md every damm time there is game with bots. first if damm boring and second bot games are up to 3/4 of the matches

I see now what u guys did there, bots in T3. Brilliant, can u add more? Probably best for suggestions section.


Not sacarsm at all, the bots are not the problem. Some people are not getting bots thats all ill say on it.


Ninja style :012j:


Nice one.

Hi, guys!

About bots on T3:

As you know T3 is not a very hardcore tier, in fact, this tier is the last tier for newbies, in other words, T1-T3 is newbie level, T4 and T5 are levels for skilled players. That’s why to make the game more comfortable for newbies we decide to implement bots in T3.