Antares build

Hello everyone, my name is Dimoni Roig, yesterday (10/12/2017) in the afternoon began the construction of the destroyer Antares, level 11 of the Faction Federation.
Well,yesterday built all parts of modules required and pay the 5 million for learning to manufacture the reinforced structure of the destructor, the problem was that I was missing some monocrystals to manufacture the second structure, stop playing.
Today (10/13/2017) I have gone to finish building the structure that was missing and I have seen that not only does it ask me again to learn to manufacture the structures by paying again 5 million and the structure that was already created also does not appear.
Nor have I returned the spending credits to learn the structure as I continue with the same credits as yesterday.
Could someone help me with this problem, or indicate to me that forum expose it to solve this issue, thank you all for your help.