Answers from the devs Part 7.

-When will Patch 0.6.0 be released?

-When we think it is ready.

-The Gallery has artworks of almost all Federation ships. Could you upload some artwork of the Imperial ships? I like to collect artworks.

-Will try to fix this problem.

-Will the game run as F2P or with a monthly fee?

-It will be F2P.

-Will there be battles for terretories between clans?


-Will you introduce other ship classes like Cruisers and Careers?

-We are planning to introduce Clan dreadnoughts.But which role they take and how they will work is not decided.

-Will there be a crafting system and trade between players?

-Craft is planned. Trade between players is not planned.

-Will the the teams receive some items after the battle?

-Loot is already there.

-When Jericho will be released, will we be able to change the faction?

-Faction change is always possible.

-Can you attack statistics for the ships, so we can see them before we buy the ship?

-We about this issue. But unfortunately there are higher priority tasksat the moment.

-At the moment I am in the Empire faction, but soon I want to change to Jericho for the 2% Missile damge. Will it be possible to change the faction bonus?

-It is planned to add a function which will allow you to change your faction and subfaction.

-Will we keep our game progress on the release? Will Beta Testers receive a reward?

-We do not plan to make a wipe, so yes.There will be a Bonus for Beta Testers, but which one is a secret.

-Can you add the possibility to change the ship during the battel?

-If the change of the vessel and will be realized only under conditions:

  1. A ship from the pool in the fight.

  2. In Clan Wars

When we add the Clan Wars we will decide this.