Answers from the devs Part 6.

-What is the official position on the cards?

-Our policy:

  1. the player may create and invite developers to check his card.

  2. condition: it should be a 3D scene in any 3D Editor: Maya, etc.

  3. condition: on the map should be labeled key points: respawn zones and beacons, for each of the gameplay mechanics (so far we only have one).

  4. it is recommended to add a description for the map and its features

  5. the player transferes all rights to the developers

  6. developers are not forced to include the created maps

  7. the developers have the right to change the content

In conclusion:

If someone from the players will create a card and send it to us, we will take a look, and if we like it, we will insert it into the game. But we do not give any guarente.

-If a player reaches rank 15 in a faction and changes to another one, will he be able to get the bonus of the other faction?

It is planned, but not yet implemented.

-A couple of players already reached T4.2 and rank 15. When can we expect T5?

-It is difficult to say. Not in the next patches.

-Are there plans for the release date of the game? There was a page where stood: Year of release 2012.

-There is no official date yet. The phrase is incorrect. In fact, it indicates the year in which our game can be download and installed by any person, i.e. beginning of OBT.

In fact, it’s a bug.

-Would like to be able to use a cockpit view in the early beginning of the fight (that is, after selecting a ship, but before arriving on the card itself): in warpe or/and immediately after withdrawing from it, or/and in the login window in the game (all monitors, buttons, flashers (it would be great to give the “pilot” to look around inside the cabin, the view in the window at the stars/planets/station/flying near the ships/etc) and gently stitches for mails and your password).

-The idea of the cockpit had been discussed even before PTA. In principle, we are not against, but it is not a priority.

-Streife and boost should have equal speed. I would like to talk to anyone from the dev dem about it.

-Developers like the idea of streifing. But the game mechanic may force us to change it.