Answers from the devs Part 3.


1) Do you plan to get more developers and to accelerate the development of the project? If so, then when, if not, why not?

2) When will be the official launch of the project?

3) Patch 0.5.4- Does this mean 54% willing to release or has this numbering any other meaning?

4) Why are there sometimes players mixed with bots and sometimes only players in a battle?

5) Whether there were any plans to do anything with the manoeuvring of the interceptor? Make no mistake, when an interceptor leaves in a spiral from you (removes the active maneuvering) it is impossible to get even a system Grad +100% faster speed of projectiles. But perhaps it is difficult for me to fight them.


  1. On the one hand, our team is gradually increasing. On the other hand, it is hard to find a qualified specialist.

  2. We do not really understand what you mean by “the launch of the project.” Promotion plan after the introduction of missing key features. In particular: Jericho, skill tree.

  3. This numbering is semantic.

  4. Because there are to few players online.

  5. No, not planning. Interceptor survives mainly through the maneuver.

-When will the assist bug be fixed?

-In the next patch, soon.


1) Is there a level editor?

2) If yes, is it possible to transfere it to a third party?

3) If the transfer is possible, will the community be allowed to design/rework the maps? I think that there are willing to be creative and develop a map.

4) If you have already thought about it, that’s when we can expect this?


  1. Yes

  2. at this moment, no.

  3. at this moment, no.

  4. not thinking so far

-Why not do a patch announcement for a day or two before?

-Because of the test results of the features. the patch can change in these 2 days.

-Will physical destruction be added to the game engine?

-It is difficult to say.

-You want to redo the first Disintegrator volley to give instant or old sniper will return?

-No and no.

- Installation of similar modules – is this a bug?

  • Installation of different modules for the similar purpose is not a bug

Type, fit the tank.

However, if we see that this opportunity brings imbalance - it will be changed.

-Whether the game supports stereoscopy/3D?

-It is difficult to say. The experiment ran under the NVIDIA 3D Vision. Boats are certainly beautiful. But due to the large distances, in fact, the Interior is only your ship. The rest is flat.

Who has the ability to use the NVIDIA 3D Vision can see it.

-A question concerning the abilities of races and particularly frigates and their sniper mode. I say this because one frigate Empire can destroy any ship from a safe distance for him, playing 17 to 17 people additionally gives him an advantage in battle because other ships just don’t have time for simultaneous protection and reconnaissance in the rear. Not to mention the large number of health points. Whether the fix will not be this class? Although the rate of recharge, or replace the skills on more significant for other classes of ships. I still haven’t seen during their games to the frigate shot down less than three Empire ships. Perhaps this issue has already sounded, then apologize for the repeat).

-After entering Jericho we will see.