Answers from the devs Part 2.

-I would like more detailed information about about the “critical strike” from the main weapon.

What is the frequency of it?

How much is it stronger than a normal attack?

Is it possible to reduce the strength or frequency of crits?

-“critical strikes” are in the testing phase.

We do not plan to enter critical damage from rockets or modules of any type.

There will be a module which increases the chance to hit a “critical strike”.


5% chance of critical hit

Size 150% crit (+50% base damage)


5% chance of critical hit

Size 175% crit (+75% base damage)


7% chance of critical hit

Size 150% crit (+50% base damage)

-What are the plans for the next 1-2 weeks,(what can the players expect)?

-You are asking about a too short time. Maybe there will be a new patch.And may be not.

-Are you going to expand the description of the skilla in the tree?


-Will there be more armor modifications, i.e. above MK-2? Will there be a separate pumping for a better armor type MK-2 and above?

-We already have Mk.III, forced and experimental stuff. It is the most rare-elite.

-Before 5.4.0 we recieved medals in the battle. It was entertaining. Now the information about them is gone. Do they now?

-Medals are still there. We are creating an interface for them.

-Do you plan to introduce rating fights?

-Over time -Yes. But first we’ll need to do much more.

-Plan to take players in the short term. Posted rankings-this is already a target and fun - thanks for that, but what is planned in the near future?

  1. extend the list of ratings

  2. go to event Pro training videos

  3. Oh, and Jericho is not far away - perhaps in September.

-I understand that this is most likely a secret but if you can answer, please tell us:

The new skill tree will be in the same patch as Jericho or separately?


-How many earned experience on the ship is transfered into synergy?

-The whole experience that particular ship has received in battle.

-Who is speaking the dialogues in the game?

-Mostly professional actors. But there is also a pair of replicas from developers.

-As I understand you do not recieve experience for a medal.


-What is the strength of the team if not a commercial secret.

-Varies from 10 to 20 people at different stages of development.

-With the growing level of the ship,the parameters improve. Does it only increase the 4 shown stats in the equipment tree or for example also the hull/shield resistance?

-In General,it increases everything.

- Will there be “News from the test server” in the foreseeable future?

  • It is unlikely, in the short term.

- If the new regime in the near future is not planned, then what will “entertain” players, sorry testers?I bought a subscription, so I’m not just a tester, but also a player.

  • We will consistently add new features.

-Who is flying the ships? Real people, clones, robots?

-Real people.

-Are there plans to introduce new classes of ships, not the clan drednought (fighters, corvettes, missile frigates)?

-This is not planned.

-Why can’t we twist the camera in 360 degrees vertically as well as horizontally in the free mode?

-The problem is the camera relative to the world revolution. Because of the geometric features of the ship, the camera becomes a hard - to and as a result the camera can take a very unusual position relative to the ship.

-Initially our role in the game was like a mercenary, why all of a sudden decided to make binding to factions?

-Players are mercenaries. Binding to the faction was a logical consequence of the transfer of the main source of growth in reputation with contracts to fights.

-Why not change the designation of the purposes decided by type of ship (triangles, rhombuses & squares), and just add the ship type icon to the existing allocation of goal?

-The challenge was to make a mark on the target class.However, this is not the final version of the interface.

-Does the development of new maps continue? If so, when should we expect a new map?

-It continues. But not fast, unfortunately.

-Could you elaborate your plans for the concept of the game. It is understood that the development plan, we read, but when the game will be made a variety in the form of new modes, victory conditions, maps or interact in some excellent players from capture 3 beacon from another party?

-A new mode is not an easy task. So it’s not a perspective at this moment.

-What is the time difference on the second player respawn/the third ship in the destruction of the first/second?

-This is due to the desire to give a chance for survival at the troubled development of the spawn. The system is made so that the downed pilots form a pool. Thus, the pilot is not alone. Accordingly, if your area is occupied by the enemy, respawing in a group increases your chances to survive.