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Hi, everyone! In this topic will be posted answers from the developers of Star Conflict.

So, this is part 1of the answers that we’re glad to present:

1. With what engine the game is created?

Project is developing with own engine by StarGem Inc.

2. What is the payment style? Subscription, F2P, Optional Sub + Cash Shop or Sub + Shop?


3. Is this a browser based game? Or does this have a client application?

Game has a client application

4. Will this be an MMORPG where you control a single ship or an MMORTS where you control multiple ships?

MMO action, with control a single ship

5. Will the game be story based with a linear focus or sandbox style? Is it a persistent world?

There will be instanced sectors

6. What types of spaceships there are?

For private mercenaries there will be many types of fighters – light, average, heavy. But for clans will be special opportunities. This is secret at the moment.

7. What about races in Star Conflict?

There are 3 races and 6 fractions, all are humanoids.

8. Will be clans and alliances?

So far only clans. Maybe will be alliances.

9. Will it be possible to trade in the game? How and with whom it will be possible to trade?

The carriage of goods with resaling and further obtaining of the profit in the game will not be exact.

10. Will there be PVP? If so will it be instanced, open world or lobby based.

There will be PVP, lobby based.

11. Is there PVE? If so what form is it in, open world, missions, quests, raids, harvesting and so on?


12. What is the death penalty, ship loss and the need to purchase a new one or durability loss?

They should take damage

13. What will be the controlling of space ship? Keyboard+Mouse, Joystick, gamepad?

Keyboard+Mouse, gamepad

Here’s part 2 of developer’s answers:

14. Is it just like World of Tanks but in the space setting?

There are some similarities - gathering your own fleet, upgrading units, gaming lobby system. And this is it. We wanted (and we are working on it) to make a dynamic and intensive EVE online looking game full of firefigths in open space but without mostly annoyng economics and character developing. Still, players will have to encounter a role-playing part of the game: by upgrading their very first starship via flexible class enhancements, by planning every next battle and cooperating with friends in groups or clans.

15. Is “flight” realistic or at least influenced by Newtonian movement, or is this a Wing Commander style with just whipping around quickly?

Flight are based on Newton’s laws of motion, but still we are going to make handling as convenient as possible for players to concentrate more on the battle they are involved in than in keeping control over their own spacecrafts. In current version every ship is equipped with additional engines set to compensate undesirable inertion and rotation speed. We are also working on optional switching these support engines off however it probably won’t be actually required at all - players tend to enjoy the very battle than flight simulation in such sorts of games.

_ 16. Is collision damage going to be there? _

Yes, collision damage will be working as intended.

17. Will there be an option to fight inside of huge space battlestations and or close to, say, planet surface?

There will be battles in open space and nearby inhabited orbital bases. We have plans for some action inside really big battlestations and we’ll probably reveal some of them soon after release. Close to the surface battles are not yet planned.

_ 18. Space stations or enormous spaceships-cities? _

Be sure, sooner or later all of these will be in the game, especially if that’s what players require.

_ 19. Will we see aliens and/or alien technologies? _

In the bigining there will be no aliens. But alien technologies - definitely will be revealed. In fact, that is ancient alien civilization what started the very conflict.

_ 20. Global map available? _

Not in the day one. We just haven’t defined its final view yet but this doesn’t mean that the map won’t appear some day.

21. Will players have a chance to acuire enemy territories?

The backstory of the game sets limits to what humanity can do in the galaxy. In a word since the space is naturally unstable players will not be ably to capture enemy territories once and for all though it will be possible to obtain domination in certain zones. It also should be possible to secure captured territories with turrets or automated stations, but these are still to be designed.

22. Is there an open world? It is not an open world in it however it doesn’t meant things will remain this way after the game is released.

23. Quests and dungeons?

Quests haven’t been designed however it doesn’t meant things will remain this way after the game is released

24. Trading and markets?

These haven’t been planned yet but are possible in future (between player for example)

_ 25. Can you please tell about battles and game modes in common? _

Every battle is set nearby special zones located by automated recon droids which are to search for ancient civilization remains. From all over the world mercenaries come to these territories to fight for contol over them. In the game this struggle is depicted with fighting for beacons that mark certain areas. matches are designed to be for 2 teams 16 players in each. There also will be team deathmatches and those for limited number of players (5vs5 for example)

26. Is cockpit view available?

It will not be available in the beginning but can be added later - for complete set of emotions.

27. Tell us more about playable spaceships?

There will be fighters (light, medium and heavy) and also frigates. Every ship is capable to carry plenty of modules which define its role and class, and players should be absolutely free to choose any set they find succesful. Also every class of ships is equipped with a unique module giving some extra special abilities - it’s intended to help these players who can’t decide what class to choose on the start.

28. Will there be speed limits?

Speed of spaceships is limited for balance purposes.

_ 29. Is something except fighters going to be available for players to choose? _

The role, that your spacecraft is going to play on the battlefield depends on what modules have been installed (EMP, suppressing fire, recon systems etc…) So, the more thoughtful your choice of modules is the more succesfull you and your team are. And whatever you do during a battle shooting enemy is essensial.

30. Will light fighters or recons be really small and bombers really large?

The smallest spacecraft is smaller than the biggest one like 10 times or more.

31. Will ships have some energy storing devices to maintain deflection and weaponry and other systems? If yes, will there be an option to channel energy manually, for example, to gain power in one system with weakening the other?

There will be batteries. Manual energy channeling was not included in current game version. We suppose it botheres players in intense firefights making them remember too many control keys. So energy control will be implicated - through the modules you choose for your spacecraft.

32. Will players be able to control the whole fleet? Or fly their own frigate not being a member of a clan?

It’s not possible to control more than one ship in the game. Frigates are available for all players since it is one the classes of battleships. Even more massive spacecrafts are designed for clan pilots.

33. Tell about character training?

Players enter the world as quite wealthy merceneries with a small fleet of own ships. But you are one of thousands so it’s not that easy to be someone with what you got as it seems. And buying a pricey battleship is not going to solve all the problems - you’ll have to be tweeking it and tuning and improving for your needs. It’s almost like in EVE-online where you have to gather sets of equipment. You also can use implants to augment your perfomance and make your ship’s modules work even more effectively under your command.

34. How do I get myself a new spaceship?

You can buy a new one when you’re skilled enough as a pilot.

35. What’s diplomacy between the opposing forces?

The game is all about battles, both duels and massive clan wars. You can compete with other clans but questions of influence are moved out to the game forums and Star Conflict is for the space battles only.

_ 36. Can I capture someone’s ship? _

We haven’t planned that. not yet at least.

37. How’s hangar going to look like? Like in WoT: one spaceship for a battle and it’s like new after it or it can be lost once and for all if destroyed be the enemy? You’ll be able to take few ships with you to fight the war. Loosing a ship doesn’t meant it’s destruction - it will be just suffer some malfunction.

38. How do I command my spacecraft? By myself or with a crew?

You will rely on yourself only. And it’s modules that define how good you are at making you ship do what you want it to do.

39. Can I play acting like pirate - duelling and chasing other players?

It’s one of the features which are still being discussed.

40. What do we train: character or ship?

It’s much more important to improve pilot than the spacecraft. Still you can enhance the ship but you don’t have to follo any feature trees like in WoT, for example.

41. Are heavy gunships going to completely dominate? Like in WoT, IS-7 owns it and so it goes!

All ships are quite balanced in their defining features such as speed, maneuverability and firepower. Skill and clever set of modules are decisive.

42. Will there be turrets available for the fighter class?

Turrets are for frigates only.

_ 43. What are the game modes? _

Team territory control (capturing and defenfing beacons) and team deathmatch (pure PVP)

44. Will we see some ships manned by AI (like those seen in SF:DF2)?

You can’t exlude that!

45. Do I have access to all content not paying for the game at all?

You’ll have to spend more time training and tuning you modules but no limits of content are planned.

46. Do we influence anything with our questions?

We always read the forums because all the feedback and ideas that we get are really important for us. You see, we’re making a game for you, not just to have something to play in the office!

47. Who is this game going to be for? Casual players, hardcore ones?

We want it to be interesting to a wide audience. We hope, we’ll find perfect balance between deep and thoughtful action game and exciting availability for unexperienced players. We also promise the game won’t be just another primitive arcade, players will have a lot of interesting things to think about while playind our Star Conflict!

Updated: December 7th, 2011

Star Gem is answering some questions of Star Conflict community


Will it be possible to destroy whole planets?

Star Gem:

If we allowed it the whole Galaxy would not be enough for those players who might decide to destroy as many planets as they can. So we thought we should leave star destroyers to the Precursors only.


Will players be able to board enemy spaceships (possibly in clan wars)?

Star Gem:

To get inside of enemy ship armed with a handgun – no, at least not since game launch. However you’ll be able to terribly crash somebody’s property while defending your own. But capturing a whole clan spaceship would be really dishonest; imagine: a disconnection happens and someone captures the ship you and your clan have been building for months.


Can different types of weapons be mounted on a spaceship at the same time? So to be prepared for everything, you know.

Can a fighter of Faction A install and use modules naturally from Faction B?

Is there common sense in using a frigate that costs enormously especially if it takes more than 1 day to fix it?

Can heavy ship wield deflector shield that strong that no light fighter would be capable of taking them down?

Star Gem:

Space fighters can only fire with one type of weapon at the same time. Guns are too different to try to synchronize them. Try to pare a laser gun and plasma cannon and you’ll see that problems start even before the attack - shooting ahead of a curve becomes impossible due to different speed of projectiles and reloading speed. Speaking of preparing for various cases: that is what weapon modifiers are for.

Weapons of all factions can be mounted onto space fighters, there are only class restrictions

Hangar capacity is limited though it is roomy enough for a number of ships of different classes

Situations when enormous heavy spaceships enter a battle once a day only and then go right back to repair docks for a long time will not happen in the game

It’s possible to create a unit immune to light weapons. However a smart light fighter pilot should know that he’s able to use an appropriate module to destabilize enemy shields and make it vulnerable. That’s why squadrons will succeed due to partnership and mutual influence of various modules they have. Such teams can literally dominate.


Will loot be generated randomly or it will be dropped by killed enemies?

Will you offer premium accounts? Experience multipliers or income boosters?

How many units will be allowed for a player’s hangar? Can I keep 8 fighters, 8 heavy fighters and 4 frigates in there, for example?

Some sort of character leveling has been announced. Since we’ll be receiving some points will there be a features tree to spend them on it?

Will it be possible to have than 1 ship of a certain type? In case if I like model’s appearance but want to upgrade each machine with different set of modules for different combat situations?

Star Gem:

The team that wins a battle for a sector is awarded has liberty to take everything what’s lets on the battlefield. Sort of things that can be discovered there is defined by type of the sector and participants of the conflict.

There will be premium accounts.

Overall quantity will be limited to keep hangar clean from old junk however it will be big enough to store multiple units.

Players will choose their own way, not a particular feat tree. Since there will be no limitations to leveling then you’ll master all the abilities sooner or later.

Yes, buying same ships and modernizing them in different ways will be allowed.


The heaviest ships in the game will be for clans only as it was announced. What happens when a player leaves a clan? Loses access to the clan’s heavy fleet?

Star Gem:

All advantages of being in a clan disappear as soon as you quit it. We are thinking of some ways for players to be able to get such huge ships for their own but there are only concepts at the moment. And players will not be able to steal from their clans when leaving them


Since fixing high-end ships will cost a lot will you offer tournaments with prizes so players could risk their precious units for something more valuable than experience points and loot in regular matches?

Star Gem:

Firstly, we have no intention to make players keep their best ships in hangars in fear of loosing them.

Secondly, that sound great to have tournaments for the best of the best, and we’ll think about implementing that idea in the game.


Will there be loot in the game? If yes, what is it going to be:

  • details, junk, valuables for sale, upgrades?

  • proper devices – something you get and immediately install on you fighter?

How is loot going to be collected?

What are gameplay differences between factions? Something apart from the storyline and visuals, something influencing gameplay and style of in-game behavior. Like better HP and slower engines for Jericho but faster and thinner ships for the Feds, for example.

Will players be able to work for several different factions at the same time or the chosen faction will be the one and only?

Is storyline going to be continued?

Star Gem:

Looting is distribution of valuables obtained in a battle. So there will be loot in the game. Dropped items will not be useless as it sometime is n MMOs and player will be able to install them right away.

Yes, fighters of different factions will have very significant differences, their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Mercenaries will be free to choose any faction in every other operation. Problems can come up when former masters find out you are being paid for your job by enemy factions. In cases like that you’ll have to act smart.

Storyline that we’ve published on the official website is only a part of the story which basically describes the world and its history. New chapters will be published with further development of game’s universe. And we welcome players to play significant role in creation of written history of Star Conflict.


How complicated are spaceships’ constructions going to be?

Will they have complex damage system?

Star Gem:

You can easily learn what are fighters consist of at from a special article in GAME section.

Speaking of detailed damage system we found it inappropriate applied to huge speeds that every object has in space combat. However we implemented quite a complex damage system that takes into account type of fired ammo, type of damage they are causing, state of deflector shields and hull both with overall influence of active modules. In a word, there will be no need to aim for a week part though it will be crucial to find a proper attacking tactics for every enemy,


What clan system do you plan to offer?

Is any sort of marketplace going to be available in the game?

What are system requirements and internet connection requirements?

Will players have personal avatars or any porters seen to others while playing?

How many players will be there in a regular match?

How do you plan to update game’s client: automatically via laucher/patcher; manually with downloading necessary files from servers or via p2p?

Star Gem:

Clan system allows players to gather in teams and join combat as well-prepared and united strike force against random packs of individual players. Clan vs Clan battles are also available and these may be more effective in taking over certain sectors.

There will also be special gameplay variations such as building own carrier or dreadnought. Probably we’ll make it possible for players to server as mercenaries for clans without joining them as members

No plans about trade as of yet.

We are currently working at optimization. But even now we can say that it will run smoothly on gaming PCs of medium price/performance level. It will be possible to be more precise about tech requirements after Closed beta-test.

Avatars will be possibly be available quite soon, players’ portrets – maybe someday.

Open PvP matches will be different. Regular matches will be 16 vs 16 players; we also will offer settings for fewer players.

The game will update itself with laucher; p2p updating will be possible either.


Will fighters carry torpedoes or any other type of weapon able to cause AOE damage?

Star Gem:

There will be torpedoes, slow but very powerful. Practically all rockets do AOE-damage.