Announce: Star Conflict patch


This week you should expect some stunning changes! After working so hard we were able to present you the mighty Dreadnoughts. However, we had missed some important points and would like to fix that in this patch.

Just today it was announced that biomorphs infected technological development of the Parties of the conflict. All of your armory is now infected with a mysterious alien plague, which is dangerous for you! Engineers are trying to find a cure for it, but it takes time. There is a theory however, that vaccine could be developed, but it would require your help and professional pilot skills. Everything is in your claws!


Space Ships

  1. Indicators of ships.
    Players often complained that the performance of the ships’s tech have too little difference. In this patch, we corrected this injustice.
  • All T3 crafts received + 50% to the volume of the shield and the hull.
  • All T4 ships received T4 + 100% to the volume of the shield and the hull.
  • All T5 vessels have received T5 + 212% to the volume of the shield and the hull.

We also took into account the views and players who frequently complained of too high survivability of ships of high rank and the complexity of their destruction.

  • All ships received T3 -50% by volume of the housing and shield.
  • All vessels received T4 -100% by volume of the shield and the housing.
  • All vessels T5 received -212% by volume of the shield and the housing.

2 Roles

After the recent changes in the game a lot of players are using drones. Since they are so popular, we decided to reassemble our tackler. Now external tackler would look like a drone, fly like one and would be controlled by AI.

Long Range frigate
Since many players constantly complained that these ships were always sitting on one spot therefore it was hard to play and caused difficulties. We listened to you guys and decided to make long range frigates travelling at the maximum speed possible at all times.

  1. Ship research tree

We were told that the ship research tree has illogical development steps which were forcing you to conduct a research of ships statistics. We thought of a solution and decided that all of the ships would look like “Hercules”, however their technical characteristics would remain the same.

We were constantly asked to upgrade Phaser. It hasn’t been changed yet, however if players would promise not to use it against asteroids, we would consider changing it.

Sometimes unexperienced engineers make mistakes in the set up of the warpgates, therefore players crash while attemting to fly through. We fixed that! Now, if you crush due technical incompetence of an engineer, he would apologise to you.

Implant beta-catalyst “Predator”
We often read on the forum that “Predator” which should decrease energy usage by 17% - was useless. We removed it from the game.

You guys wanted to have an option for single PvE and we made it happened. Now you can kill unlimited number of bots in the invasion. Plus get loot from them. That’s cool isn’t it?

Players said that while they were looting resources other players were killing them.
Here are the changes:
Now all resourses containing asteroids would automatically attack all the players who are not looting them.
Oil tanks and containers would detonate next to those who would ignore them.

We are planning to implement some chnges, but you have to be patient.
© Your Slowpoke

Players with small ships complained about low FPS and inoperable ships on some of the maps. We decided to simplify the interface of the game so it would be supported by almost any computer. Even slow and old onse. Now the game will look like this:

Devs Homework
Mortar aming bug is now fixed
Players destroying other player’s vessels bug - fixed
Game connections are fixed © As always your Slowpoke

Congratulations Mercenaries! We hope that you would like new changes!

P.S. Sometimes, you guys feel like you were ignored and Devs are not listening to you. It’s not true. We are spending enormous amounts of time and effort in order to make Star Conflict better. Just remember that we do listen and we do care! We hope for your understanding and patience.

Star Conflict Team,