Angy bots!

Wow… if you happen to be so unlucky as to draw the attention of a group of bots armed with lasers, no matter how far you run, they *will* hunt you down! :008j:

I’ve just had a match, only 4 players each team were human, rest were bots.

I’m in my interceptor, around 6 k from nearest ships. Suddenly i have 5 ships target lock me. All bots and closing in.

I fire up my warpdrive and get the hell out of there.

Fly around a little and then suddenly, 5 target locks on me again. The same group from before.

I warp away again.

They keep on coming.

I warp away again, this time staying the hell away from everything.

I wait out in open space for 2 minutes.

The 5 bots show up on screen and lock me again.

The bots needs to be changed so they break target lock when target out of reach.

These 5 bots made it impossible for me to do anything in the battle but run :014j:




im sure in other thread im already say about bot not gonna give you up unless someone else engange em…

stil… this thing exploitable to make battle less tedious for your allies… by luring those bots out of combat zone as early as possible…

I don’t think we really care about bots. At launch, they will be entirely removed from the game. Their purpose is to give us something to do while CB is going on and the servers don’t support too many people.

The lower level bots are pretty stupid to be honest… way to easy to kill. easy to dodge.