and leaderboards been gone over a month?

so i have barely even played this game due to remove of leaderboards for over a month.


will it come back? its there but its deleted from the tab aswell as stats taken away.


? >:

They will, eventually.

We had leaderboard on website? :what:

Yep, it was removed when they added the (more limited) in-game leaderboard.

I think i remember an announcement (maybe on RU forums) that they are taking them down until-after SandBox or something like that, might be that they will change those boards to accommodate new world.

Its not that much of a loss anyway… Have you ever tried to use it ? You couldnt even search for a player so if you were not near the top in each ranking it was almost impossible to look for your own stats or even another player for that matter. I just hope that if it come back, it come back updated with a search function.