Analizing the Star Conflict Economy

Hello fellow pilots, i’d like your help in exchanging opinions and ideas on the current economy of the game at this moment.


As far as i have noticed playing T1 and T2 brings great potential for earning good sums of money whit pvp only, where you are going to spend around 20k for the repair and rearming of 2 ships while earning something between 40 to 60k of credits, all in all it was possible for me to acquire 3 ships of rank 4 and 2 ships of rank 5-6 while moving throu ranks without realy feeling the need to do economy and letting me buy Mk2 or Mk3 modules for my ships for testing.


In T3 this “curve” tends to decline a bit, the reputation gain is still quite similiar to T2 but the amount earned (and spent) is quite different which creates a smaller profit over a larger quantity of game needed to level up your rank.


We are all well aware that the new ship prices have messed things up quite a bit, namely becouse you will need more than 1 extra milion credits for a starter t3 ship while in fact you will need an extra milion credit to replace many useless modules that come pre fitted on the ship ( everyone will more or less develop their own play style between t1 and t2 and while i think it’s a welcome system for beginners it’s quite unwelcome for anyone with a bit of knowledge of the game)


Now i find myself realy in need to just to fit my current t3 ship and acquire another one, how have old players felt their rank climbing experience in acquiring new ships overall with the old system? Did you feel money was always abundant or did you have to focus on specific roles on higher tiers leaving you less margin for experimenting?

About economics look into’>this post please

I just run PvE when I want to make a few million credits. It’s very profitable.

Anal ization?

I clicked for the title, disappointed by the content.