An open letter to the other corporations

Ah, but what happens when those “triple A rated” players also have a cunning tactician to back them up? 


That is indeed a tough situation, except you happen to have extra storage of cheese, and manage to deliver harassment to the right target :smiley:

Busy Tacticians don’t squeak.


I have been asked to join all you guys above


  • “I am sorry sir, but you are clearly overqualified for this corporation.”

Hey. I hop around to other corps when im bored to spread the power of sweet rolls. Evil knows that well

You know you are always welcome JP.


As long as you bring sweet rolls.

We find Beer pretty effective. As an added bonus, it makes you fly better the more you consume - we’ve thoroughly tested this throughout the weekends :stuck_out_tongue:


addendum: some are shitfaced any day of the week. *howls

This is unnecessary. I’v never heard of any kind of complains previously of corps stealing other corp players. Players are in their corporation because they prefere it, and if they decide to join another one it’s their own decision. None can force someone to join other corporation.


Rumors will abound sooner or later about player poaching and the like from other corporations. EvilTactician is doing an honorable thing here in creating this thread. What people find relevant or unnecessary is really in the eye of the beholder.


It really comes down to this, it’s better to turn the wheel of a Volkswagen to avoid an oncoming semi-truck than smashing into it and finding out how much it hurts afterward, so to speak.

It has come to my attention that over the course of the past weeks, we’ve taken in a number of new pilots who came directly from older, more established corporations.


Please let me make myself crystal clear to avoid any confusion or hard feelings: The WolfPack has never and will never approach random people in other corporations and offer them membership, or pressure them in any way, shape or form to join us. We don’t believe in ‘corporation-hopping’ and we feel that poaching players purely based on arbitrary ratings or performance is extremely poor sportsmanship.


These individuals applied through our normal application process and were accepted outside their history with other corporations. In the vast majority of cases we have flown with these people in squads for a while or they ended up hanging out on our teamspeak more than they did with their own corp. We have in fact gone out of our way at times to advise people to give their existing corporation a chance first - not because we didn’t want said person, but because it’s the right thing to do.


If any officers of other corporations have questions, concerns or want to discuss this further - please contact me directly.


Meanwhile it is my hope that other corporations will work on a similar basis of mutual respect & understanding.

Dear EvilTactician,

Our Corporation the [JungC] most highly agree with your post #1. We could not have worded this better. We think all corporations should do the following.


May we please use this? May we please use your information aka copy post #1?

Please feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

Thank you.