An Invitation To a Particular Thread.

Hey all, I’m just using the Recent Topics list for a short while (as long as this is within the list itself) 

Afterwards this little Invitation will *disappear* as it has no other use or meaning.


I’d like to invite you all to this thread within the Star Off-topic section ->

I am in want of Quality ship builds, you see, and I want you to build them. The format is within the posts themselves on the first page. Thank you in advance!  4p14oAi.gif

You should just bumped the old thread…

I would, but the old thread never really had a chance to appear in the recent topics list, since it was moved a lot at birth… which is why I decided to put this up here.

Besides, it wouldn’t make sense to simply bumb it into the 1st position for only a short while only to be pushed down again with no complaints. I tried that already :P 

I don’t want to litter the thread with *bump* posts, after-all. Anywho… I’d much rather other people join in and bumb it for me.

Unless you meant the OLD old thread… Well, I had this idea of a unified thread for everything, so I could stop necroing my own stuff or leaving threads to rot, so…

Who knows, xD Whether it was a good idea or not has yet to reveal itself. 

In other words, the old thread went *poof* at my request.

And now this invitation is lock/delete worthy.