Ammunition bug - wrong type of ammunition for certain Destroyer weapons

Bug report:


What happened?

Somehow wrong type of ammunition got associated with a certain weapon for Destroyers. Statistically, it doesn’t count.

I think this bug triggers, because a new upgraded weapon is automatically upgraded and placed in the weapon’s slot.


What should happen?

Kinetic weapon - Kinetic Coil should not be able to equip thermal ammunition (Focusing Lens).


Steps to replicate this bug: (follow the steps in this video) Time stamp: 13:50 or 1:50pm



Ammo bug log.rar

If there are any more questions, let me know!

I experienced this as well. It happens when you don’t have the weapon slotted and research it then slots it. Of course this is only happening for dessy and if you already have ammo slotted as well. Just remove the ammo and slot the correct ammo until this is fixed.